The Representative Committee (Council)  is responsible for monitoring the functioning of CUPSA.



  1. To protect CUPSA’s members’ interests;
  2. To consult on the performance of the Executive Committee;
  3. To establish a Specialized Committee;
  4. To monitor the scope of power of sub-committees and groups under the CUPSA;
  5. The right to accept or abolish all sorts of “sub-committee” or “exempted committee” under CUPSA;
  6. The right to accept the resignation of the Representative Committee members and Executive Committee members;
  7. When a two-thirds majority of members’ votes of the Representative Committee are affirmative, such may revoke the negative votes by the executive committee of any committees under CUPSA;
  8. The right to appoint Executive Committee Elections Committee;
  9. Decisions of the Representative Committee cannot revoke decisions by the Referendum, General Meeting and Joint Conference.