Department Obligation
Department of TreasuryProvide essential financial support of the daily operation of CUPSA; protect the legitimate interest of all the postgraduates; responsible for establishing an impeccable financial regulation and operating conditions of all the modules in Treasury's Department.
Department of SecretaryManage meeting minutes, meeting information collation and preservation; officers and members of management information; events (such as photos, planning case, important e-mail, etc.) to collect, collate and archive, as well as writing press releases; responsible for the formulation of a summary and evaluation system; organizing internal departments gatherings.
Department of Inter-CultureFacilitate communication among students of different ethnicities on campus; promote cross-boundary interactions; push for multicultural awareness by spearhead intercultural events and parties in collaboration with other societies on campus; reinforce campus-cooperation with fellow students of different backgrounds;
Department of AdministrationResponsible for assisting other departments in CUPSA in planning and organizing activities like booking the sites; CUPSA office and supplies management, including purchasing, transporting and organizing supplies, and cleaning the office, etc.
Department of PublicityDesign the image of CUPSA, make and execute the promotion scheme.
Department of Public RelationResponsible for external and internal public affairs of CUPSA, e.g. to establish and maintain the relationship with student organisations, community groups and sponsors (as well as the university units, Institute members and all the graduate students.)
Department of Career ServiceSolve the problems of postgraduates- employment; hold activities, such as experience sharing meetings, mock interviews, company visit, etc.; collect and publish the employment information for postgraduate students from CUHK.
Department of University AffairsRepresent CUPSA to participate in the management of school issues, approach with different kind of school apartments, deal with complaints and suggestions from postgraduate students, urging the issues of postgraduate schools, preserve the rights of postgraduate students.
Department of IT Manage the official website of CUPSA, BBS and the official social network; to collect, arrange and answer the graduates' information; to publish relevant information of CUPSA and CUHK's activities.