2020 Executive Committee



V for U



  • 「Vocality」: We hear all and speak for all, voicing for better benefits for postgraduates.
  • 「Vitality」: We intend to innovate and enrich campus lives for postgraduates by holding various activities.
  • 「Variety」: We are keen to be a multicultural platform for postgraduates from different backgrounds.
  • 「Veracity」: We will coordinate resources to host a better family for postgraduates


The 14th Proposed Executive Committee (2020):




Thea Guo

Proposed President

Sustainable Tourism

Miya Bao

Proposed General Vice-President

Nutrition, Food Science and Technology

Evelyn Pei

Proposed Internal Vice-President


Rico Cai

Proposed External Vice-President

Social Service Management

Christina Chen

Proposed Secretary General Executive


Henry Li

Proposed Secretary General Coordinator

Mechanical and Automation Engineering

Tina Huang

Proposed University Affairs General Executive


Alexia Deng

Proposed University Affairs General Coordinator

Proposed University Affairs General Coordinator

Yan Li

Proposed Public Relation General Executive

Chinese Studies

Brian Huang

Proposed Public Relation General Coordinator


Grace Qi

Proposed Publicity General Executive

New Media

Yannan Liu

Proposed Publicity General Coordinator

Sustainable Tourism

Kaiwen Luo

Proposed Administration General Executive

Global Political Economics and Social Sciences

Kurt Liu

Proposed Administration General Coordinator

Mechanical and Automation Engineering

Jane Zhang

Proposed Career Service General Executive

System Engineering and Engineering Management

Cynthia Du

Proposed Career Service General Coordinator

System Engineering and Engineering Management

Buyingchao Cheng

Proposed IT General Executive


Dino Xin

Proposed IT General Coordinator


Andrea Yin

Proposed Inter-Culture Communication General Executive

Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition

Daichi Ishii

Proposed Inter-Culture Communication General Coordinator

Japanese Studies

Karen Tsoi

Proposed Inter-Culture Communication General Coordinator

Cultural Management

Annabelle Wu

Proposed Treasurer General Executive

English Literature

Josselyn Han

Proposed Treasurer General Coordinator


Thea Guo  Proposed President

Hi, this is Thea from Xiamen, majoring in Sustainable Tourism. Photography, travel, design, art and experiencing different life are all my hobbies. Joining CUPSA makes my life at CU more colorful. I cherish this collective even though we have known each other only for a short time. Next, I hope I can leave more precious memories with the family and enjoy the time to struggle and laugh together. May I be your friend in the season when all things fade.

Miya Bao  Proposed General Vice-President

Hey guys, this is Miya from Shanghai. I’m majoring in Nutrition, Food Science and Technology as a master in CUHK. I love being fit but also am a great lover of food. As an adventurous person, I’d love to explore various intriguing possibilities in life. Returning to the campus not only makes me experience the joy of discovering knowledge, but also is a wonderful journey to meet new friends and redefine myself. Looking forward to creating more beautiful memories here in CUPSA with you all!

Evelyn Pei  Proposed Internal Vice-President

Hi there! This is Evelyn who just started her third degree and fifth role in CUHK. She enjoys researching, especially for food and trip. Keeping herself busy but neat is her life credo, so is being simple and frank. Therefore, she strongly believes that there is no problem that cannot be solved over a meal; if there is, prepare another. Her constant interest in CUPSA finally brings her here. She couldn’t wait to jointly write happy episodes with you!

Rico Cai  Proposed External Vice-President

Hi, this is Rico, majoring in Social Service Management, a keyboardist who loves bass but plays the cello. I enjoy living young, wild and free with righteous ardour. The journey with CUPSA is challenging but rewarding. I hope I can seize every enchanted moment with you all.

Christina Chen  Proposed Secretary General Executive

I am Christina, majoring in Translation. As a foodie looking forward to a simple and healthy life, I am willing to accept challenges as well. My motto is “Carpe diem”. CUPSA brings me a sense of belongingness in CUHK and Hong Kong. Hope we can become better selves in CUPSA.

Henry Li  Proposed Secretary General Coordinator

Hi, this is Henry, coming from Nanjing, and majoring in the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering. I love reading, traveling, and making friends. CUPSA offers me a broad stage to express myself and to meet a more progressive and mature myself. We are looking forward to working with CUPSA to grow up together as well as continue a brand-new chapter in 2020.

Tina Huang  Proposed University Affairs General Executive

My name is HUANG Siting (Tina HUANG) and I graduated from SUN Yat-sen University, majoring in English Translation which is still my major at CUHK. I embrace challenges and respect diversity. It is my great pleasure to serve postgraduates as a member of CUPSA and I look forward to opening a new chapter with my friends at CUPSA in 2020.

Alexia Deng  Proposed University Affairs General Coordinator

Hello, everyone! I am Alexia Deng, a native speaker in Cantonese, studying in Proposed University Affairs General Coordinator. I am glad to be a member of CUPSA, playing an active role in this family.

Yan Li   Proposed Public Relation General Executive

Hi, my friends. My name is Li Yan. I graduated from Chongqing University and now major in Chinese Studies in CUHK. I am addicted to gym and hiphop but not so professional. It is my pleasure to live a full and interesting life in our campus and I hope there would be more beautiful memories in CUPSA. End with my slogan, stay hungry and stay foolish.

Brian Huang  Proposed Public Relation General Coordinator

Hey, I am Huang Zhaoxin. As a person who enjoys challenges, I love to explore various activities and places. CUPSA is like a great family to me where we have fun and work hard together. Let's make CUPSA a better place!

Grace Qi  Proposed Publicity General Executive

Hi, this is Grace, currently majoring in New Media and coming from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. I am crazy about philosophy and the arts, especially Nietzsche’s and Impressionism. As an amateur photographer and writer, I also code and make travelling plans. I adjust a few words from Aaron Swartz and would like to share them with everyone: Think deeply about things, work for ideas, learn from people and your own experience, never exclude people, be a perfectionist but don’t let that get in the way of publication. I want to be friends with everyone and make CUPSA as well as the world a better place.

Yannan Liu   Proposed Publicity General Coordinator

This is Liu Yannan from Sustainable Tourism major. I love traveling as well as tourism industry. And I am a person who enjoys being alone as well as being accompanied. CUPSA is a place to work with both teammates and friends. And I would love to stay here longer with all of you.

Kaiwen Luo  Proposed Administration General Executive 

My name is Kaiwen Luo and I am from Ningbo, China. I am very honored to be the Director General of the Administrative Office at CUPSA. I graduated from the University of Oregon in the United States and am studying at the School of Global Political Economics and Social Sciences of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Paying attention to the update of knowledge and skills, keeping following up the times is my requirement for myself. Skydiving and shooting are my favorite sports, painting and reading are my daily routines, watching movies and listening to music are my hobbies, and occasionally I make tea or cocktails. Can I have any chance to invite you for a drink?

Kurt Liu  Proposed Administration General Coordinator

Hello, this is Kurt. I come from Yunnan, and major in Mechanical Automation Engineering. I am an extreme sport amateur, loving bmx, skateboarding, surfing and parkour. It's a great opportunity to improve myself in CUPSA. Wish I can contribute to CUPSA and have an unforgettable journey with colleagues in future.

Jane Zhang  Proposed Career Service General Executive

I am Jane, from Anhui province. My major is System Engineering and Engineering Management. With the experience of 7 years in Shanghai and 3 years in real estate group, I love the modern city and Human Resources is my dream career. “Towards life with enthusiastic attitude, given missions must be reached” is my personal description. I hope to help more students get dream jobs during my CUPSA time. Let’s pray and believe we can achieve the goal!

Cynthia Du  Proposed Career Service General Coordinator

Hello, this is Cynthia. I come from Beijing, currently studying in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management. I am an outgoing person and can infect people around me with happiness. It is so lucky to meet so many like-minded friends in CUPSA. I really hope that we will continue to grow up in this big family and create precious memories together. May we have sunshine, ideals, attitudes and love.

Buyingchao Cheng   Proposed IT General Executive

My major is physics. And I was born and raised in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi which is also known as the "Porcelain Capital" of China. I love music, bodybuilding, cycling and snowboarding. The CUPSA is such a warm place, and it is definitely more than a student association. I hope I can broaden my horizon and make progress together with all of you.

Dino Xin  Proposed IT General Coordinator

This is Dino, majoring in Surgery as a Biomedical Engineering student. Honored to join in CUPSA by chance, I hope to make more friends here and go further with you guys all.

Andrea Yin  Proposed Inter-Culture Communication General Executive

Hi, this is Andrea, currently studying in the MA in Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition. I am open-minded, and I am happy to make friends from different backgrounds. Meanwhile, I eagerly expect to build bridges of communication among people through a sincere heart. The CUPSA enables everyone to give full play to their talents. I hope that we can work with collective wisdom and concerted efforts, so as to continue the wonderful chapters of the CUPSA.

Daichi Ishii  Proposed Inter-Culture Communication General Coordinator

Daichi is a Ph.D student in Japanese Studies and a teaching assistant in Department of Anthropology. He has organized several events for mutual understanding between students from different backgrounds both in Hong Kong and Japan, and he would like to contribute to CUPSA for making connections of various groups in CUHK more.

Karen Tsoi  Proposed Inter-Culture Communication General Coordinator

Hi to all, my name is Karen Tsoi who serves the role of the General Executive for Inter-Cultural Exchange Section. I am from Hong Kong and am currently the final year student for the Master Programme in Cultural Management. In love with traveling, I take every advantage of assimilating the life of the local by talking to them or attending classes. With the name of CUHK postgraduate student, I went to Brunei in Southeast Asia, Jinan in China and Taiwan for exchange. I deeply enjoy the schooling in CUHK for the human capital and the cats. I have also been the leader for O camp, sweating in the city for city hunt with the fellow freshmen of CUHK. Nice to meet you all!

Annabelle Wu  Proposed Treasurer General Executive

Hello, I’m Annabelle. I would like to embrace the things I love with enthusiasm and face the challenging future with great longing. The certainty of meeting CUPSA is definitely great, while the uncertainty of the future that we will confront is much more wonderful.

Josselyn Han  Proposed Treasurer General Coordinator

Hello everyone, I am HAN Yi from Wuhan. I enjoy playing basketball and reading during my leisure time. And I hope every moment in CUPSA in the next year will be memorable to all of us!