Up to now, the first round of donation event holding by CUPSA has collected 18918.8HKD, and also clothes. CUPSA will be donating all the money and supplies to Oxfam Hong Kong after the donation event scheduled on next Tuesday.

Here we quote from the Fundraising Officer of Oxfam Hong Kong, Esther, who kindly explains the principles and process of disaster relieving: “In order to ensure that every single donated supply can be delivered directly to the victims (mainly for women, elderly and families with the worst conditions), we will be calling in village representatives to make distribution plans. Next, we will be requiring villagers who claimed their supplies signing on the name lists that have clearly stated the categories and quantities of the supplies that they have collected. Finally, we will be posting announcement indicating the total quantity and categories of the supplies, as well as their ways of distributing to the villagers.  Besides, the whole process will be supervised by rigid auditing and inspecting system, which is public, fair and also transparent. We guarantee that every single of your donations will be reaching the people in Ya’an straightforwardly and your donation will be sparing no effort in helping those who are in dangers.

The donation event will be continuing next week at 16:00 – 18:30 between 29 – 30 April (Monday & Tuesday) at MTR Station Piazza. We sincerely look forward to your supports! CUPSA will not take any cost and consume into account when hosting donations, charity sales and performances. And we will be devoting ourselves heart and soul in contributing to the disaster area as well as creating this platform of LOVE for all CUHKers.













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