Hongson Modern Drama Troupe (HMDT)

Recruitment for members/officers of HMDT


   HMDT aims to "Inheriting the classical, leading the fashion, enrich students’ lives in the play, improve our literacy in communication". Through the drama performances and other forms of activities, we are looking forward to inheriting the classical drama, carrying forward the modern drama form and adding artistic and cultural atmosphere to the CUHK campus. 




Department of Secretary: To arrange and save the minutes and conference information of the group meetings, conference information collation and preservation, member information management, questionnaire collection, collation and statistics, to assist the drafting group foreign English email; the execution of the mission planning of internal affairs, external activities, management office and campaign materials;

Department of Script: To responsible for the collation and adaptation of classical script, writing and summary of fashion script, the improvement of the actors’ lines;

Department of Director: To responsible for the whole group drama atmosphere, emotional expression, language, actors, actions, and other related to play the decisive factor show success; pick has acting potential actors in the regiment, and to cultivate the core cast as the goal, creating a group of symbolic image.

Department of performance: To act as performer on behalf of the HMDT; To responsible for the training of core performer group with competitiveness and influence.

Department of Stage: To responsible for the group stage of drama decoration, lighting, equipment, props, cosmetic preparation, production, purchase and arrangement etc.

Department of Public Relations: To manage the external affairs of HMDT, establish and maintain the links among HMDT and CUPSA, other in-campus associations, social groups and sponsors.


Department of Publicity: To design the group image, to make and execute the promotion scheme; to manage the official website of HMDT, BBS and the official social network; to collect, arrange and answer the graduates’ information; to publish relevant information of HMDT and related activities.


Target: Full-Time and Part-Time CUHK Students


Application Methods:


Before 22:00,30 Sep. 2013

Enquiries:  CHU Shaohua

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