Welcome to join the EgoCrew StreetDance Club !

PART1 Member recruiting

A. Introduction:

There are so many StreetDance lovers gather together in the EgoCrew ! Jazz,Poppin ,Wacking ,Hiphop……which do you prefer? Would you like to dance with others ? Do you want to get everybody moving by your dancing posture?

We welcome who have no StreetDance experience as well , we will organize training classes.

B. Sign up now:

Please fill in the form ,and send email to egocrew@163.com to sign up .





Phone number




Do you have any experience





C. Activity forecast :

We plan to have a performance in November and we look forward your participation !

PART2 Staff member recruiting :

Join us and make EgoCrew  famous! DanceStreet experience is not necessary


Secretariat:(2)arrange documents , inform members relevant message

Public relations department:(2)communicate with other organizations

Organization and plan department:(2)scheme and plan

Propaganda department:(2)propagandize EgoCrew


Please send your information to Email box: egocrew@163.com


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