Recruitment talk for Faculty Societies of CUPSA


Dear all,


Thanks for your support. Since the launch of our application system for the membership of faculty societies, we have received many applications. To help you obtain a better understanding of the recruiting activity and answer questions generated during online application, we are planning to hold a Membership Recruitment Information Meeting at CK TSE of CC Library, where the President of CUPSA, Bing XU, and the Leading Preparatory Officers for faculty societies will respond to your questions and discuss about the goals and future of faculty societies. Please check the details as follows:

Date: Sep 25th, 2013 (Wednesday)

Time: 3:00-5:00 pm

Location: Chung Chi Library, CK TSE

People: All CUHK postgraduates

Online Application:


Contact number: 90626056 , 67615909


Deadline to the application: 24:00, Sep 30, 2013

Attention: Due to the limited seats and numerous applicants, we decide to adopt first-come first-served mechanism. Please arrive the site on time.


The membership recruit of the Faculty Societies of CUPSA has been opened since 15th September. All faculty students are warmly welcomed to join the big family of the faculty societies. In this family, you may toughen yourselves, make friends and serve all the postgraduate students here in CUHK with your talents.



CUPSA was founded in 1997 as an independent student union as well as the only organization in CUHK representing all the postgraduate students. The Postgraduate Faculty Society, attached to CUPSA, is a self-governing organization aiming to serve teachers and students from all faculties and is supported by CUPSA in terms of funding and venues.


You will achieve the follows if you are the officers of the Postgraduate Faculty Society:

1 Basic rights of all the student unions; providing you with stages to show your gifts and talents; carrying out the plans you made; exercising yourselves while helping others simultaneously; becoming better members of CUHK.

2 Feeling free to express your own ideas in a democratic atmosphere; joining the team easily under an equal relationship.

3 The right of being selected as candidates of student's representatives in different administrative organizations.

4 Working hard, learning more, experiencing life in Hong Kong with your partners.


The democratic structure of us:

The Postgraduate Faculty Society insists on the principle of democracy and self-governing. All the full members will be the members of plenary autonomously who have the right to vote for officers. The officers selected will become members of the leading body which is the most powerful part in the society and it is bound to be responsible to the plenary. The leading bodies of all faculties include following members: the President, Vice-President of Internal Affairs, Vice-President of External Affairs, Secretary, Treasurer (1-2), Programme Representatives (General Officers, multiply) and Officers. No more than 20 members in principle.


How to join us:

You may register as full members of the Postgraduate Faculty Society if you are students of either Taught Program or Research Program in CUHK. 90HKD are required as membership fee if you want to be the full members of the Postgraduate Faculty Society. (No fees required if you are already full members of CUPSA)And with the full membership you may apply for being officers of the society in your faculty.

Notice: the applications for officers will be closed till 24:00 30th September while there is no time limit for full members' registration.


Please join us at here:


Come and participate in, for we truly wish that we can make CUHK a better place!

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