If you are fond of stories, watching plays, and even creating exciting plots all by yourself;
If you are enthusiastic about micro movie, and eager to have a try;

If you are keen to get gossip in entertainment circle, to know more about stars like Zhang Ziyi, Tang Wei, Gong Li who were graduated from The Central Academy of Drama……


You are exactly the one we like to invite! The Hongson Modern Drama Troupe is going to hold a lecture about drama writing and micro movie. We are honored to invite Ms. Ni Jun, a famous screenwriter who is teaching in the Central Academy of Drama,to deliver a speech.

In addition, at that time you would have great chances to exchange ideas with Professor Ni directly. How can you miss this precious opportunity? Come on!

TIME: 10:30am-12:00am


Brief Introduction of Ms.Ni: Ni Jun, a famous female screenwriter and movie critic, is also the vice professor and master tutor of The Central Academy of Drama. She is now one of the members of China Film Association, China Television Aritists Association and Beijing Film Association. Ni Jun has won many prizes due to her unique screenwriting style and storytelling ability, as well as deep social meaning within her works. Following are Ni’s magnum opuses: TV play series like Spicy Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Happy Street; Monkey King, the classical 52 large-scale series of cartoon; Films like Seventeen, To Forgive; Published works like History of China Film, Gloomy Biography and The Falling Jianghu.



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