Peng Chau One-day Tour on 2013.10.20Sunday

——Legal Society host , Photographic Society co-organize


[Event Overview]Peng Chau is an island of Hong Kong, which is administratively part of the Islands District area.The island has not yet been developed fully therefore so relatively few tourists, which is suitable for gatherings. People there are quite nice and the small markets there still retain archaic style.

We can bike around the island, taste the island style, BBQ on the beach, take pictures, and watch the sunset.

[Event Quota]30 people. Only for members of Law Society and Photography Society. In accordance with the first-pay-first-serve basis for ascertaining the quota.

[Event Schedule]

12:15pm     gathering at Central MTR Station Exit A(wait until 12:20pm)

1:00pm      shipping to Peng Chau(around 40min’s way)

2:00 - 7:15 pm  having fun

7:30pm        gathering at dock

7:45pm      shipping back

[Fee] 100HKD/person( including BBQ and rent of bike, may also include drinks if there is money remainder)

     Transportation fee (NOT included): around 30 HKD for shuttle, Octopus Card is available for shipping.

[Payment Method] Please pay the 100 HKD via any of the following methods( Money is nonrefundable upon payment )

1、in Cash

10.16-10.18 ,17:30-18:20 per day, Bank of American Tower 2nd Floor Discussion Group Forums. You can contact Yuchen,Shen,TEL:95658598 if you can’t find the location.

2、In Transfer

Bank account: Hang Seng Bank Account  622409 290 717065 882 Yuchen,Shen

Keep in mind: sent the copy of Transfer Receipt to the e-mail address

and title in the format “Name+ Student NO.+ Legal Society/ Photography Society/ Both+ Fee for Peng Chau ”

Note: Please arrive on time cause the ship set out on time.


           1、Prepare by yourself the antidinic if needed。

           2、No swimming. No boating by yourself.

           3、Take suncream and the suitable shoes.

           4、BBQ might be taken place of picnic due to availability of BBQ grill, which is on the basis of first come first serve.


If anyone swim,diving,boating without permission of the person-in-charge, he will be responsible by himself for any consequence resulted by himself and the Societies are not liable.

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If any question , please contact Chancy. TEL:51282845

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