The Proposed Cabinet of Executive Committee in 2014

「Encounter · CUPSA」


Time sure flies, and a nominated cabinet of CUPSA in 2014 「Encounter• CUPSA」has emerged!

As the nominated cabinet in 2014, we will conduct ourselves professionally; serving the needs, protecting the rights, leading the trend and striving for the best of all members and postgraduates. On one hand, we plan to search for extra sponsorship channels, and to extend such relationships beyond basic sponsorship in further cooperation with these organizations. On the other hand, we will build an online platform to ease routine procedures, such as those for rights-striving proposal feedbacks and for expense-claiming. With regard to the latter, we intend to take it online so as to ensure information as well as financial disclosure transparency. Last but not least, we will organize various activities to satisfy different groups of CUPSA members.

Here, we promise, in 2014, we will achieve:

Clear finance: You should know where your $90 goes;

Benefits advancement: We will issue a membership card that could bring you extra benefits;

Rights Renaissance: A professional team to protect your rights.


Detailed information:

Voting period: 2013/12/1 – 2013/12/8

Voting method: each CUPSA full-member will be informed with the voting link by email individually later near the end of this month.

We are eager for your support, and we are eager for your vote.

Please vote for us!

 About us:

Proposed President
Vici MA


I graduated from XJTU, studied in China and Korea during my undergraduate years. Now, I am getting my second master in Cultural Management in CUHK.

When I served as the chairperson of my student union in 2010, I found it very rewarding by establishing a comprehensive system of people, services, programs and facilities that enrich the intellectual, cultural and social well-being of my peers. Here I come, to make a difference for my peers in CUHK. As the mission my cabinet stated, we will exert ourselves to serve the needs, protect the rights and lead the trends for the best of all postgraduates. I sincerely invite you to join us to start a fascinating journey into a splendid future together. Let’s Encounter CUPSA, where we grow our wisdom, and start to serve better thy kind and thy country.

Proposed Internal Vice President
Demetria JIN


I major in Social Policy in the Department of Social Work. It was in this April that I encountered CUPSA at CUHK Alumni & Freshman Sharing Meeting of Central China and Vice-Chancellor's Dinner, and it was the serial services provided for postgraduates that stimulated my interest in serving in this organization, for I enjoy the sense of achievement when fulfilling meaningful projects and helping others. We believe our competent team members will you color your life in the forthcoming year.

Proposed External Vice President


I am a postgraduate majoring in Global Political Economy in the Faculty of Social Science. My friends call me Little Fish. CUPSA is where I build an impression and expectation on postgraduate students, the university and Hong Kong. CUPSA is my home in Hong Kong, and my colleagues in CUPSA are my best friends. I am an enthusiastic girl who has diverse interests and hobbies, like novel things, think that being young is to make sure you have no regrets, and strive to be the best of me in our era.

Proposed General Vice President
Jessie LI


Hi everyone, I am Li Jun, Jessie, and my friends in CUPSA made me lots of hilarious nicknames: The queen of brick, Empress Jessie and party queen.  Loving playing and tossing about, I am keen on keeping myself happy whenever in exciting parties or in busy works. CUPSA offers us a fertile land, and its cosy embrace allows us to turn from side to side. Making friends here, working hard here, and living in here gives me a radically unprecedented sky and hope. I sincerely look forward to, in the following year, closely uniting our members and building CUPSA as a nest of warm and happiness.

Proposed Treasurer

Kenny ZHOU


Graduated in Central South University in 2009, during the period, had won The Third Grade Scholarship of Study for 3 times, and been elected as a class president once. Moreover, I had been a member of the ACM Campus Master. After four years working in Shenzhen, now study in CUHK for the master degree. I am a man enjoy learning and sharing, and I would like to grow up with the teammates in CUPSA. Join us let grow up together!

Proposed Secretary

Doris ZHU


I am a postgraduate student studying in the department of Social Work now. CUPSA is the first association I joined after I came to CUHK. The friends in CUPSA I met during the orientation in July 2013 are the first group of peers I know in CHUK, and it is this organization that brings me a sense of belonging. I like traveling and photography, and however, I am a patient and details- attentive girl. I will do my best to do my job with so many excellent team members here to strive for the best of all members and postgraduates.

Proposed Inter-Culture Communication General Executive

Jolenta WONG


Hi there! I am Jolenta Wong, I hail from both Hong Kong and Singapore, and am basically a cultural melting pot. Currently pursuing a Masters degree in History, I’m passionate about narratives, stories and all things musical. When I lived abroad in 2011, the thing that struck me most was how inclusive London was toward foreigners. Consequently, I have brought this fervour for intercultural interaction back with me. I sincerely believe that the cultural diversity on campus should not be undermined, and that every postgraduate ought to have the chance to be who they want to be, and to be the best that they can be, here in cosmopolitan Hong Kong.

Proposed Inter-culture Communication Coordinator

Gursimran SINGH


Hi everyone this is Gursimran SINGH (SAM) a new post-graduate student at CUHK. My major area of study is E-Commerce and Logistics Technologies, which basically describe my passion and my dream to make things happen along with technology and grow business in more convenient and professional manner. I am from India and would like to become a representative for culture communication for CUPSA, which is in-fact what my outlook put on table prior to me. If given this privilege would work on making this experience all the more trilling and impulsive for all CUPSA member by arranging various culture activities like: Indian movie weekend, beach party and list goes on with time. Looking forward to gel with you all soon.

Proposed Administration General Executive

Andy WEN


I am a MSc student majoring in Information Engineering, and my hometown is Tianjin. Because of the beautiful campus and the colourful culture environment of CUHK, I fell in love with this place. Thanks CUPSA, as a first comer of Hong Kong, instead of strange with fear, I feel familiar with warm. Loving CUHK, Loving CUPSA.

Proposed Publicity General Executive

Sophia LI


I am a first year postgraduate majoring in Social Policy. The post I am campaigning for is the General Executive of the Department of Publicity. In doing so, I wish to advance teamwork as its core, and to better the CUPSA experience for everyone so that we can all achieve our personal best!

The Department of Publicity is one big family. If you’re seeking a sense of belonging in CUHK, come join CUPSA. But if you're striving for an even greater sense of belonging, join us in Publicity! If you want to have fun, come join CUPSA. But if you want to be involved in even more activities, join us in Publicity! Here, we have a passionate group of youths who will welcome new officers with open arms! We hope to engage those talented in this area, as well as enthusiastic individuals who have no prior experience in publicity. We will be providing essential training for all, so do join us now!

Proposed Public Relation General Executive

Eric WU


Hello, everyone. I am Eric, a year 1 postgraduate student majoring in Corporate Communication. I love singing, traveling, photographing and etc. The experience in CUPSA has enriched my life and motivates me to grow. It is my pleasure to be a member of this warm and big family to contribute myself to this organization and all postgraduate students. Hope all what we do will help in enlightening your student life with enjoyment.

Proposed Management Committee for CUPSA Affiliated Clubs and Societies General Executive

Jude ZHU

I am a postgraduate student from Xinxiang, Henan and studies in the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering. I’m very happy and proud to work with CUPSA officers, and I am ready to start a new journey to work in the Executive Committee.

The Management Committee of Affiliated Clubs and Societies (MCACS) always aim to work for the best of CUPSA and serving the affiliated societies and student unions with hearts; it is the philosophy we have always adhered to and advocated. Guided by this philosophy, in the past 5 months, with the great work of affiliated societies and students union, we founded 17 affiliated clubs or societies in total and 9 affiliated faculty student unions are ready to be formed. Looking forward, we will keep moving and focus on standardization and specialization in our work. We hope to share the best moments with you.

Proposed University Affairs General Executive

Adrian LEUNG


I’m Adrian Leung Ka Man, a postgraduate student studying in my first year, majoring Translation from the Faculty of Arts. I obtained my undergraduate degree from University of London this year and I studied Media and Communications.

My multi-cultural background has shaped the very large part of my own being and that I’m a very open-minded person. I believe in justice and impartiality, and I have the passion to work on rights striving. Besides, I enjoy working with a group of people for good causes in which we gained friendship and we get things done, or done better. I’m now working with a group of CUPSA executives that I personally appreciate and that I believe together with my professional teammates we are ready to serve you better than you would have expected.

Proposed Career Service General Executive

Sonic PAN


Majoring in Science in Marketing, I am firmly resolved to campaign for the General Executive of Career Service Department. In order to offer our members realistic help, I plan to build the Career Service Department into a systematic and efficient team. Our team will take fully usage of BBS and other platforms to systematically integrate career information and continuously update these platforms. We also plan to apply electronic magazine, career talk and other methods to offer you comprehensive support on job finding. Meanwhile, we look forward to establishing a network of students and outstanding alumni, wherein CUPSA, the very bridge, provides students with more efficient career resources.

Proposed IT General Executive

Willard LIU


Hi everyone, I am a first year Ph.D. student majoring mechanical and automation Engineering. I completed my bachelor and master degrees from Sun Yet-sen University, which we also call it ’zhongda’. Based on this predestined relationship, I join in CUPSA with great enthusiasm. To my opinion, music, movie and IT are three most amazing stuffs in our daily life.

As a ‘science geek’, I've observed that IT department plays an increasingly significant role with the further development of CUPSA. We will make our information platforms (e.g. Homepage, forum) more convenient for you to get information, and create more interactions in social platform (e.g. Weibo, Renren, Facebook, Wechat) for our member. On the other hand, we will increase more chance for cooperation with ITSC to work out IT problems for you.

The proposed cabinet consists of 14 members – a nominated team of 4 presidents and 10 general executives of departments. Sam shall act as 2014 CUPSA’s cultural ambassador.


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