Hongson Drama Society of CUPSA is recruiting actors

Programme Title: Me² VS He² (Shengchuan LAI’s masterpiece).

Introduction: The story describes the negotiations between a male and a female, as well as the negotiations between their own selves. It attempts to analyze each person from a psychological perspective and the linkage between consciousness and unconsciousness. The purpose of the story is to give an in-depth analysis of human experiences and different kinds of choices we face in our lives.

Planned Performance Dates: 2014.3.28 evening, 2014.3.29 afternoon

Venue: Lecture Theatre, Shaw College, CUHK


Cast recruit:

1.Heroine, Rujing JIAN (old age)

2.Supporting roles, such as Maomao, worker, etc.



1.Good acting skills are required for heroine. Newcomers are welcomed to play supporting roles.

2.There will be two or three times of rehearsal every week with each around 2 hours. Make sure you have enough time to present.

3.Please read relevant script or watch video clip, and prepare a 3-minute performance based on the play for audition.

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