2014 Incoming Students Sharing Session of South China District 

By Cyndi Chan/Photographer Zhizhen Huang/Editor Crystal Cheng


Host by Postgraduate Student Association of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUPSA), 2014 CUHK Incoming Students Sharing Session, South China Division, successfully took place in Guangzhou on 28th June. This glamorous event attracted more than 120 incoming postgraduate students from almost all departments. During the sharing seminar, senior students actively communicated with freshmen, sharing a lot of useful information that they generated from their previous experience, regarding to academic study, social events and professional career. The party after dinner was even more popular. Freshmen had prepared wonderful shows, and they also took active roles in a medley of interactive games.

The Sharing Session in the afternoon had three topics---“CUer in CUHK”, “CUer in CUPSA” and “CUer in Hong Kong”. These topics addressed issues like campus life, social events, and career development.

The first speaker was Willard Liu, IT General Executive from CUPSA, PhD majored in Mechanical and Automation Engineering. Willard mainly talked about campus information resources. He also recommended various platforms and Apps to gather information, concerning campus life, CUPSA events and academic studies. As a student from SYSU to CUHK, like many of the audience, Willard shared his opinion about the differences in education between mainland China and Hong Kong. His amicability and personal charm encouraged many audiences to share their thoughts with him.


The second speaker was the Treasury Executive from CUPSA, Kenny Zhou who majored in Electronic Commerce and Logistics Technology. Zhou started his speech by entering the stage in an unusual way, indicating “break the rules” as one of the highlights of his personality. Then, Kenny introduced a great deal of useful information regarding to restaurants, housings and libraries. He also showed several interesting photos to illustrate his experience and friendship in CUHK and CUPSA, as well as the appreciation and gratitude he generated from them.

Then, the sharing seminar entered the second phase---CUer in CUPSA. The first one to start with was Bing Xu, former President of CUPSA, current PhD student in Information Engineering, CEO of Roommate Network. Bing introduced the main mission and function of CUPSA. By sharing his own gaining during his experience as the former President, Bing encouraged freshmen to participate in CUPSA, embrace this warm big family and help each other to achieve a more promising future.

The second speaker was the current General Vice President of CUPSA, Jessie Li, who majored in New Media. By presenting a number of attractive and engrossing pictures, Jessie started her presentation of CUPSA events, including the incoming Orientation Camp, the distinguished High Table Dinner, the interesting On Key Singing Competition, and so on. The atmosphere was both relaxing and amusing, audience responded with breezes of applause and laughter.

The following topic was “CUer in Hong Kong”. The first one to initiate this chapter was Miko Leung, a graduate majored in China Study, who currently work for a media company. Miko deliberately emphasized the importance of knowing Cantonese. She used many vivid examples to illustrate how to build up your personal charm, how to adjust to life in Hong Kong, how to extend your personal relation in a targeted field, and how to seize an opportunity when you came across one. Her honest speech won many praises.

The second speaker was a prominent graduate from Department of System Engineering and Engineering Management---Alven Lin. Alven was majored in Financial Engineering, and was currently working in China Investment Securities as an assistant in risk management. He summarized everything he’d been through on the job-hunting path, all the gains and lost, and generously shared with the audience. He encouraged all the freshmen to do their utmost to gather useful information, probe into their targeted profession and start their preparation early. His advices were both important and practical, which served as a vital reference for many audiences when they started to think about their career.

The last one to share was CUPSA’s External Vice President, Adrian Leung, from Translation Department. Adrian described her as a “tough girl” who had a bouncing appearance but a quiet inner world. As a local student in Hong Kong, Adrian brought many nice and useful tips for the audience, whose majority came from mainland China. The tips addressed a wide range of issues, such as “Matters need attention when you were away from home”, “Places for entertainment near CUHK” and “Culture shock you might encounter in Hong Kong”. Her voice was so lovely and amicable and it brought her bursts of applause.

The sharing seminar ended successfully in a lively atmosphere, where freshmen actively raised questions and exchange their thoughts with the speaker. This kind of “face to face” communication greatly benefited freshmen who were eager to learn about their new life. Many audiences said that they had learnt a lot from this event, which made their attendance more than worthwhile.

During the lovely buffet, freshmen continued to communicate with senior students, and exchange concerns about the potential problems they might come across in the future.

At 19:00, the party began! After the announcement of the opening, 3 freshmen, leading the show with a piece of sexy Jazz, brought the already high atmosphere to its peak. 

Next came a medley of songs and games. Beyond’s famous Cantonese “Love you”, Beatle’s classic “Hey Jude”, and the old folk music “The outside World” were played. Other freshmen took active parts in small games. Everyone was joyful and satisfactory.


At 21:00, 2014 CUHK Incoming Students Sharing Session, South China Division, host by Postgraduate Student Association of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUPSA), reached its successful end. Through various creative forms, this event provided freshmen with a wide range of useful and inspirational information, which achieved a great deal of positive feedbacks, applauses and compliments.




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