2014 Incoming Students Sharing Session of North China District 

By Hilda Ho/Photographer Yi Zhang/Editor Rae Zhang & Crystal Cheng


Host by Postgraduate Student Association of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUPSA), 2014 CUHK Incoming Students Sharing Session, North China Division, successfully took place in Peking University on 15th June. The intensive preparation of planning by project staff in the previous stage eventually attracted more than one hundred freshmen. During the session, the students learned many relative items about living and studying in CUHK from senior students’ presentations, and also enjoyed themselves at the dinner party with excitement and laughter.


The Students Sharing Session of North China District officially opened at 2 p.m. The senior students delivered vivid speeches concerning four aspects:” living in CU”, ”studying in CU”, ”developing in HK” and “Encounter CUPSA”, for offering advice and stimulation to freshmen who are facing incoming new challenges.


First of all, the President of CUPSA Vici Ma addressed an opening speech to welcome our attendance, and kindly introduced our first honored guest in the sharing session, Derek Ho, who graduated from CUHK majoring in Electronic Engineering in 1994, and later served as a Business Development Officer in IT field. He also presented as the President of Beijing Alumni Association, and established a friendly figure by his sense of humor and in-depth remarks.


The second speaker was the General Office Director, Cathy Li. Her speech offered a virtual sightseeing tour in the campus of CUHK, igniting our imagination of campus life in the future by introducing various campus landmarks, depicting several winding trails, and showing many delicacies on plate.


Yinghao Li, graduated from Electronic Engineering in 2006, confidently stepped on stage and gave us an inspiring speech about his experience of starting his own career in Internet industry. His working experience illustrated a truth that the days of hardship and the sense of achievement both go in abreast during the proceeding way from our student figure to become a social being.


It was a particular symbol of Derek Zou that his clear northeast China’s accent which triggered a burst of laughter. Besides of heartedly applauses, the freshmen paid close attention to useful information about renting a house in Hong Kong, Registering in campus, and applying for credentials generously provided by Derek.



During the halftime interval, a freshman exerted her talent with a brilliant piano play of Chopin Waltzes which aroused a burst of applause.


The sharing session proceeded with a presentation from Nianbing Zhang, who has been employed by Investment Banking Department of China Citic Bank. His interaction with audiences brought a new peak to the warm atmosphere.


Sophia Li, the current Publicity General Executive of CUPSA, led a topic of “Matters needed concern when you are away from home”, offering thoughtful advice to freshmen who are going to begin their first journey away from home.


Lewen Li, who finished his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Department of CUHK, now served as one of the business partners for KPMG, left deep impression on freshmen by his exaggerated facial expressions and humorous remarks.


Shun Zhao, who currently graduated from Public Policy described her interesting experience in assorted affiliated clubs, providing us another method to furnish our lives.


The last one to share was Vici Ma. She precisely introduced the structure and functions of CUPSA, and also shared some amusing events such as running for election and taking part in big occasions with us. Her poise and elegance polished the personal charm of being the backbone of CUPSA, and she emphasized the commitment of CUPSA which is “serving towards the actual needs of the members, and committed in providing more diversified membership benefits”.


The atmosphere was impassioned although it was officially the first time for the postgraduate freshmen to meet each other. Various talent shows were displayed, assorted games made the party aroused, added with some of the senior students participation, called the joyful end of the splendid day.


At 9 p.m. on 15th June, The curtain of the 2014 Student Sharing Session of North China District fell, and then many prospective postgraduate students posed to assemble photos with senior students. The sharing session provided freshmen with a platform of communication, which is conductive to their academic development and social relationship. Set sail on harvest August, and achieve from CUHK!


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