2014 Incoming Students Sharing Session of East China District


By Preparatory Committee /Photographer Chen Xi /Editor Crystal Cheng


On June 21st, 2014 Incoming Students Sharing Session of East China District held by the Postgraduate Student Association of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUPSA) ended successfully in a burst of applause and cheering. This activity received full support from Shanghai Business Association of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a great many alumni, attracting nearly 150 freshmen from a variety of departments. During the sharing session in the afternoon, nine alumni interacted with freshmen genuinely and shared their first-hand experience about study, life and work in Hong Kong, from which freshmen must have benefited a lot. The Dinner Party was also a splendid show full of highlights such as interesting games and a medley of songs, which helped freshmen know more about each other and made this trip worthwhile. As an alumnus said, ‘This sharing session is not only high-end and classy, but also caters for freshmen of different needs with recreation and entertainment’. We sincerely hope that all of you find this activity rewarding and inspiring; we are also looking forward to your further attention to various activities to be held by CUPSA.


The sharing session in the afternoon had three topics---“CUer in CUHK”, “CUer in CUPSA” and “CUer in Hong Kong”, which addressed issues like campus life, activities held by CUPSA, and career development in Hong Kong respectively.


The first speaker was Jason Wang, PhD in Biomedical Sciences. He mainly talked about what he had gained in CUHK: a number of intimate friends, colorful campus life, and resourceful academic research. He described the CUHK in his mind with the most sincere words and told us that all the campus activities are excellent platforms to make new friends, suggesting that we get to know new culture and lifestyle with the attitude of learning and tolerance.
The second speaker was Derek Zou, the Publicity Department Officer of the Eighth CUPSA’s Executive Committee. He introduced a series of matters about living in Hong Kong in a humorous and witty way, including experiences of renting house off-campus, preparations for new semester and course selection procedures. His sharing helped us know adequately about what’s difficult and what’s easy of living in Hong Kong.
Following Derek was Sophia Li, the General Executive of Publicity Department of the Eighth CUPSA’s Executive Committee. She brought us the information resources on growth in Hong Kong: clothing, food, sheltering and transportation in Hong Kong; things that need our special attention when studying alone outside; how to handle the cultural differences between Hong Kong and mainland China. She shared her own story with us about the past year in Hong Kong, touching our hearts, attracting us as well as guiding us on our way to CUHK.


The sharing session then moved to the next topic: CUer in CUPSA. Jessie Li, the General Vice President of the Eighth CUPSA’s Executive Committee, introduced with concise words the basic information on CUPSA such as how to found postgraduate student association, what can CUPSA do, how to become a member and what’s the organization structure. Meanwhile, she expressed her thoughts and ideas about CUPSA to everyone present, encouraging them to take active part in it, join the big family and create a wonderful life together.


The following speaker was Eric Wu, the General Executive of Public Relations Department of the Eighth CUPSA’s Executive Committee, who presented the introduction of activities held by CUPSA. These activities enjoyed both brilliance and popularity with not only brand activities but also society activities. Apart from these, there are also various activities known as High Table Dinner, Graduation Carnival Dinner and Orientation Camp, the last of which Eric gave a detailed presentation on and encouraged everyone to join in to have fun.


Then, the sharing session entered the third phase: CUer in Hong Kong. The first one to start with was Jinrong Hou, PhD in Anthropology, who was also the senior of all the other distinguished guests present. She told us how to study, live and work in Hong Kong with her own experiences. The advice and suggestions she offered are so precious and helpful that they will surely have a great effect on our future life and career development in Hong Kong.


The second speaker was James Liu, a lawyer. He mainly introduced to us several choices after graduation: pursuing further study, seeking a job in Hong Kong or Returning to mainland China. Besides, he also shared some important information that we were most concerned about such as files, visa and medical service, which laid a solid foundation for our life in Hong Kong in the near future.
He was followed by Candy Mo, the Treasury Executive of the Seventh CUPSA’s Executive Committee. She introduced the preparations before coming to Hong Kong, the information resources of life in Hong Kong and some notes after graduation. She was a CUer during undergraduate period and continued her study as a postgraduate here. With her years of life in Hong Kong, she described the climate, living conditions and food to us vividly. Her presentation concluded with what she had gained all these years, drawing the most real picture of life in Hong Kong for us.


Soon afterwards, Jeffrey Liu who has graduated from the Faculty of Law explained life in Hong Kong to the freshmen. First, he prepared a to-do list before coming to Hong Kong and things we need to bring. Second, he depicted Hong Kong in his eyes, which was rapidly changing and bustling with life. At last, he told us as a professional what CUHK or Hong Kong had taught him and what he had learned during his life in CUHK. His words are very sincere and therefore impressed everyone so much.

After the sharing session came to an end, the ice-breaking dinner formally started. CUPSA first issued certificates and souvenirs to volunteers in charge of this sharing session. Then, all of the students, while savoring the delicate cuisine, appreciated a series of fantastic shows by freshmen. A medley of songs like “small hand in large hand”, “admiration”, “different every day”, “the little apple”, together with ice-breaking games like “Just Repeat”, brought a burst of laughter among students and pushed the atmosphere to a new high.

At 20:30, 2014 CUHK Incoming Students Sharing Session, East China District, hosted by CUPSA, reached its successful end. This event provided freshmen with a wide range of useful information and was well received among them.


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