2014 Incoming Students Sharing Session of Central China District


By Wenjun Cai & Shuya Li & Yang Luo /Photographer Minyang Liu /Editor Wenjun Cai & Crystal Cheng


On May 21st, host by Postgraduate Student Association of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUPSA), 2014 CUHK Incoming Students Sharing Session, Central China Division, successfully took place in Central China Normal University. The intensive preparation of planning by The Preparatory Committee previously has eventually attracted more than 100 freshmen from different backgrounds and different areas of China to participate. During the session, the freshmen learned many relative items about living and studying in CUHK from senior students’ presentations, and also enjoyed themselves at the dinner party with excitement and laughter. Seniors of CUPSA shared their learning experience,employment situation, housing condition and life in Hong Kong of the first hand materials. President Tingjiao Ma and the vice interior chairman Honggu Jin, also introduced the structure of CUPSA, and recalled their wonderful journey in this organization, brought a great ice-breaking trip to freshmen!

 The Sharing Session in the afternoon was divided into several parts: Study in CUHK, Useful Tips of Renting, Life in Hongkong, Employment Experience,Meet in CUPSA, which brought vivid examples and guidance to freshmen.

 First of all, Tingjiao Ma, president of Chinese University Hong Kong graduate student association , delivered a speech as the special guest and extended her welcome and appreciation for freshmen’s participation in this activity.

 Then,the first sharing session came from Zihao Wu, the coordinator of Publicity Department. His theme was: Study in Hongkong, are you ready? He introduced a series important things about living in Hongkong, including the procedures to do upon arrival in Hongkong, and some necessities supplement, and course elective process and so on, so that freshmen were under guidance of his suggestions.

 Next, Shize Zhu,the president of the attached associations Department ,offered us a humorous sharing session of Hongkong rental experience. He not only taught us to take the traffic surrounding, basic facilities, restaurants and supermarkets and other factors into account, but also introduced his analysis of various types of housing in Hongkong, the advantages and disadvantages of various locations near CUHK ,etc. His speech was full of strong personal style and vivid rental information,which has conquered everyone. In this session, freshmen have actively asked questions and the atmosphere was warm.

After that, Jiawen Liang , the vice president of Liaison Department, a native of HongKong, told us the story about the accumulation of Hongkong life from her childhood to adult life , and without reservation to share her experience of studying as an American exchange student. Her sharing in details of eating,drinking,living and transportation left everyone with high expectations for our new life in Hongkong!

 After a short break, Dongfeng Liu, the representative of Congress Committee , shared with us her job-hunting experience. After graduating in 2013,she worked in a Hongkong insurance company as a wealth management adviser. Besides, she is working for a positive energy commonweal organization as the platform module in her spare time. She belongs to those who likes changes and challenges and has a warm and cheerful, lively and generous character, treating people sincerely. Her sharing really taught us how to plan get a job in the future.

 Taking the theme Meet in CUPSA, the final session of sharing came from Honggu Jin,the vice interior chairman of CUPSA. She systematically introduced the basic framework and the whole structure of CUPSA and shared her interesting and attractive harvest all along the way of being in this association. As a CUPSA leader, she not only showed meticulousness, boldness, elegance and calmness, but also made us sincerely appreciate the faith of CUPSA: Serving and fighting for students!


At last,the Q&A interaction between freshmen and CUPSA representatives started. Questions were asked about Hongkong housing condition, and the CUPSA internal promotion system and more details about life in Hongkong.The seniors were very patient and answered those questions one by one . The whole sharing session was  ended in great organization and warm applause.


After the sharing session, freshmen came to the banquet hall. After finding their seats, the ice-breaking game You are My Friend started. During this session, freshmen did some brief self-introduction to deepen their mutual understanding. With Vici Ma, the president of CUPSA, published her welcome speech, the sumptuous dinner formally started.

At 19:30, a hot Jazz dance Monica announced the starting of the party. A medley of shows like Instrumental Music Performance, Solo Cello, songs like Somewhere Only We Know, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, has won everyone’s applause.


The ice-breaking game Happy KTV even brought the already high atmosphere to its peak. The freshmen took active parts in this party, the atmosphere of joy continued to the end of the party.


At the end of the dinner, Tingjiao Ma, Jiawen Liang, Honggu Jin, awarded performances and the PICs the souvenirs of Chinese University of Hong Kong to appreciate for their sacrifices for the activities . The scene was very warm.

At 20:30, May 24th, the 2014 CUHK Incoming Students Sharing Session,Central China Division, hosted by CUPSA, reached its successful end in Wuhan. This event provided CUHK’s freshmen with a platform to communicate with each other, and a wide range of useful studying and living information, which achieved a great deal of applause and compliments.

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