Balloting for CUPSA 2015 Executive Committee

Dear CUPSA members, 

The New Year is drawing near and the newly nominated cabinet of CUPSA in 2015 has come upon the stage! It’s time for you to exercise your right as a basic member and make your voice and will to be heard.

Their Motto is “Integration & Truth, Righteous & Commitment, Deliberation & Innovation, Focus & Practicality” (相融求真·求真, 擇善固執·擇善, 慎思求變·思變, 篤學尚行·篤行) .

Integration & Truth” means they will aim to connect students from a diverse range of cultural and academic backgrounds, forming a cohesive and united community, bringing about the true essence of integration.

Righteous & Commitment” means they will choose the right thing to do and commit to excellence.

Deliberation & Innovation” means they will take long and careful considerations for each decision made, and draw out innovations that make a real impact.

Focus & Practicality” means they will always focus in learning and improving themselves, bringing about knowledge and practical actions that will promote the welfare of all postgraduate members.

Their Goals are:

Refusing to accept the status quo & Developing the right attitude for innovation

Building CUPSA’s brand & Extending our influence

Uniting our team & Igniting CUPSA’s spirit

Establishing new exciting platforms & Continually serving the best interests of all postgraduates


Voting period: 2014/12/23 – 2014/12/30 (23:59)

They are expecting your support, and they are eager for your vote!


Their Commitment in 2015:

They will provide diversified channels and platforms to voice out, safeguarding our postgraduates’ rights and interests.

They will promote a transparent finance system so that you will know exactly where your membership fees go.

They will hold an exciting array of activities to enrich your life and create memories that will last a lifetime.

For further information about the nominated cabinet, please check out:


Attached is the list of the 2015 nominated cabinet members.

Proposed President: Zheyu, Adley XU (許哲宇)

Proposed Internal Vice President: Lingyun, Zoe GAO (高凌云)

Proposed External Vice President: Fangqi, Frank DONG (董方奇)

Proposed General Vice President: Richard Stephen LIMAN (林澤璋)

Proposed Treasurer: Jiamin, Jamie LUO (罗嘉敏)

Proposed Secretary: Yu, Erin YAN (閆宇)

Proposed Inter-Culture Communication General Executive: Pak Hang, Boris CHEUNG (張伯恒)

Proposed Administration General Executive: Yunting, Sunny DAI (戴韵婷)

Proposed Publicity General Executive: Zixuan, Hilda HE (何子璇)

Proposed Public Relation General Executive: Yutong, Christina ZHAO (趙宇彤)

Proposed Management Committee for CUPSA Affiliated Clubs and Societies General Executive: Yuxi, Waterlla ZHENG (鄭羽茜)

Proposed University Affairs General Executive: Yijing, Joey ZHU (朱怡靜)

Proposed Career Service General Executive: Qianyun, Cinmy WANG (王倩云)

Proposed IT General Executive: Zhaoxiang, John WANG (汪肇翔)


This year they will reserve more talents to make their team stronger. For each department they add one coordinator and attached is the list of coordinators of each department.

Proposed Deputy Treasurer: Tian, Cole XU (徐添)

Proposed Deputy Secretary: Kaiqi, Cathy ZHANG (章凱淇)

Proposed Inter-Culture Communication General Coordinator: Zongzong, Eva LIU (劉總總)

Proposed Administration General Coordinator: Xue, Caroline HAN (韓雪)

Proposed Publicity General Coordinator: Jia, Jacaranda XU (徐佳)

Proposed Public Relation General Coordinator: Hao, Holly WU (吳昊)

Proposed Management Committee for CUPSA Affiliated Clubs and Societies General Coordinator: Lian, Lilian LIU (劉蓮)

Proposed University Affairs General Coordinator: Tingyu, Deborah ZHOU (周婷昱)

Proposed Career Service General Coordinator: Keyan, Gloria CHEN (陳可琰)


The proposed cabinet consists of 14 members: a nominated team of 4 presidents and 10 general executives of departments. In addition, they have another 9 coordinators for each department.


If you have any problem, please feel free to contact the Election Committee at or contact CUPSA at


Thank you for your attention and support!


With Regards,

The Postgraduate Student Association

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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