Balloting for CUPSA
2016 Executive Committee - PostGreat



Perseverance, Embracing, Revolution, Responsibility



  • Perseverance: Never forget why we chose CUPSA and why we are still here, supporting each other on the way of fulfilling our ideals
  • Embracing: Enhance inter-cultural communications and serve as an open platform, striking to become a multi-cultural organization
  • Revolution: Gather the experiences during the job rotation, make adjustments and draw on the wisdom of all CUPSA members to increase efficiency
  • Responsibility: Always bear in mind the empowerment by our members, and put our members’ needs as our first priority


Special Events in Semester B:

  1. Vice Chancellor’s Dinner: A face-to-face dining opportunity with Dr. Sung where you may discuss political matters and university affairs, enjoy fine food and take selfies
  2. On-Key Live Singing Contest: Let the voice of CU become The Voice of China
  3. Cultural Night: Transnational, local, international all in one night
  4. You Are the One: Dress up and meet your Mr./Miss Right and bosom friends


Our Plans in Semester B:

  1. Attract executives and registered members, and recruit registered members to join the preparation of the special events
  2. Recognize the contribution of each executive and strive for a certificate of participation for them
  3. Publicize the university committees that include postgraduate student representative(s). Select representatives and collect opinions from all CU postgraduate students, and voice out our thoughts at regular committee meetings


Eligible Voters: CUPSA basic members (registered members who have paid the membership fee of HKD90)

Become a basic member, and then receive our activity notifications and enjoy benefits! Those who pay and send back the invoice of payment before 23:59, December 22 are eligible to participate in this voting. To register, please go to register, please go to Member – Register.


How to Vote: On-line voting

  • The voting system will generate an email that will be sent to the email address of every basic member. The email contains a link to the voting page and a random code
  • Go to the voting page and log in by entering the code
  • Click “Yes” or “No”


Voting Period: December 24 – 31, 2015


The 10th Proposed Executive Committee (2016):

English Name


Current Program

Rosa Zhang

Proposed President

MPhil in Ethnomusicology

Jolie Jiang

Proposed Internal Vice-President

MA in Translation

Camping Fan

Proposed External Vice-President

MA in Social Work

Kelly Chen

Proposed General Vice-President

MA in Housing Studies

Queenie Zhou

Proposed Treasurer

MSSc in Housing Studies

Han Peng

Proposed Secretary

MA in Social Service Management

Andy Liu

Proposed Administration General Executive

PhD in Physics

Chloe Chen

Proposed Publicity General Executive

MSc in New Media

Mandy Meng

Proposed Public Relation General Executive

MSSc in Sustainable Tourism

Maggie Ji

Proposed Inter-Culture Communication General Executive

MSc in Management of Real estate and Hospitality Assets

Chris Song

Proposed Career Service General Executive

LLM in International Business Law

Yi Wong

Proposed University Affairs General Executive

MSc in General Education

Lily Wei

Proposed Management Committee for CUPSA Affiliated Clubs and Societies General Executive

MSc in Biochemical and Biomedical Science

Sam Lai

Proposed IT General Executive

MPhil in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Rosa Zhang   Proposed President


Wangcaixuan (Rosa) Zhang, graduated from Emory University with a bachelor degree in Arts, majored in Music Research and Vocal Studies during her undergraduate, now is the year 1 Master of Philosophy student in Ethnomusicology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was the founder and the president of a student volunteer organization for three years at Emory University and now she would like to devote her leadership skills to CUPSA in the coming year. She determined to bring more opportunities, diversity, responsibility and creativity into CUPSA and hope to make CUPSA a more international and embracing student association, in which different people from different cultural background can communicate and interact without impartiality.

Jolie Jiang   Proposed Internal Vice-President


Born and raised in Beijing, I came all the way southward to Hong Kong for my further education, first my bachelor's degree in CityU and now my Master in Translation in CUHK. What I had never known about changing an environment is that now I love this city so much. I would like to enhance CU postgraduates' understanding of this city, whether it is their hometown or a place of sojourn, as well as each other. That is my primary vision for CUPSA.

Underneath my little figure runs veins of ambitious spirits and remarkable implementation. From this fresh start I will not only ace in my academic pursuit, but also in re-structuring a more organized CUPSA.

Those who know me know me; those who don't will.

Camping Fan   Proposed External Vice-President


Hello, my name is Fan Luying, a postgraduate student in the Department of Social Work in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I'm independent, sincere, and my hobbies are exploring funny things and travelling. I joined CUPSA when I began my first semester in Hong Kong to accumulate more experience. During these two months, CUPSA has brought me so much unforgettable memory and I have met so many excellent partners. In the future, I hope that I can deliver positive energy through CUPSA, and grow up with CUPSA together!

Kelly Chen   Proposed General Vice-President



My name is Kelly, graduating from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. I was born in Wenzhou, ZheJiang province. Now, I major in Housing Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Optimism is the attitude of my life - turning happiness into a habit and infecting the people around me. Studying hard and also playing hard becomes my overseas life experience. I try my best to maintain the ability to think independently and to feel the real life. In CUPSA I discovered the differences between student works in the mainland and those in Hong Kong. Diversity and inclusion benefit me a lot. I'm glad that I have met friends in CUPSA, who are worth to work and explore together.

Queenie Zhou   Proposed Treasurer


Hello, I am Junyi Zhou, and you are welcome to call me Queenie. I come from Shenzhen, now majoring in Housing Studies in CUHK. I love reading and traveling. As the sentence in Roman Holiday goes: You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way. I am deeply grateful for the two hobbies to enrich my experience. Reading allows me to know about the world, while traveling allows me to feel it. I joined CUPSA, and from that point I have met partners with different background, who endeavor for their dreams. If CUHK is the beginning of my dream, the experience in CUPSA is the most significant part in it. In CUPSA, I meet a better self.

Cherry Peng   Proposed Secretary


Hi, my name is Han Peng, and you can just call me Cherry. I graduated from Hunan Normal University with a degree of Journalism and Communication, and now I'm studying Social Service Management in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since I really felt warmness and support from O'camp, I chose to join CUPSA to serve other postgraduates. This experience has made my life more challenging and has exposed me to things I had never done, such as learning how to contribute to an organization wholeheartedly. I have to admit that I love CUPSA! I will do my best in all my given works, and if you believe in me, I will not fail you.

Andy Liu   Proposed Administration General Executive


Hi! Really happy to introduce myself! I'm Bin Liu, English name – Andy. I come from Wuhan, Hubei Province. This is my first postgraduate year here in CUHK and everything is fresh, beautiful and nice. I come here to major in the experimental direction of Physics. Although the few months passed by and many people graduated with a lot of photos in their social group, I am still familiar with many new and old committees members in CUPSA, who with patience and passion held varieties of brand activities such as O'camp and High Table Dinner. I really enjoy working with these guys.

Chloe Chen   Proposed Publicity General Executive


Hi, my name is CHEN Shangqi, and you could call me Chloe. I am studying MSc of New Media and seeking for knowledge about technology trend, digital marketing and Internet business. During my undergraduate years, I have gained knowledge about communication, public relationship and journalism, and experienced about design, photography and video producing. In the last few months, I designed publicity materials and was devoted to organizing events of CUPSA. Next year, I would like to raise the exposure rate of CUPSA and let you know more about us and join us. Please remember that our office and our email are always open for you!

Mandy Meng   Proposed Public Relation General Executive


Hello, I'm MENG Qianting. I come from Hangzhou and now major in Sustainable Tourism in CUHK.I love to laugh, and think that girls who like laughing always have good luck. I love to travel. Every trip is a new encounter for me, and I have a dream that one day I can travel around the world. CUPSA is a big family, a group of partners who can play and work together.CUPSA is also a stage, where you can show yourself perfectly.

Maggie Ji   Proposed Inter-Culture Communication General Executive


Hi, I am Maggie, and currently a student in Management of Real Estate and Hospitality Assets from The Chinese University Of Hong Kong. I love life, keen on movies, food and even spontaneous holiday trips and adventures. First came to Hong Kong will inevitably have a variety of discomfort and difficulty. Thanks to the warmth brought by CUPSA, I didn't afraid any more when I first came to Hong Kong. When I am working with other members in CUPSA, I feel full of enthusiastic. Meet CUPSA, let me meet more friends, and meet the present myself. CUPSA, welcome you to join!

Chris Song   Proposed Career Service General Executive


I'm Qiuyang Song. I graduated from Tongji University and now I'm a student of LLM in International Economic Law. I like sports, in particular basketball and swimming. I had two years' working experience in Shenzhen before my study in CUHK, which makes me more practical and mature. I like challenges, because I think they make me a better person, which is the reason why I joined CUPSA. I like getting along with people sincerely, and in CUPSA you can always find good friends who support each other. I hope more and more students can benefit from CUPSA and enjoy CUPSA's activities!

Alice Wong   Proposed University Affairs General Executive


Hello, I'm Yi Wong, and you can also call me Alice. I was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Beijing. However, my university is situated in Chong Qing province called South West University of Political Science and Law. Now, my major is General Education in CUHK. It's pretty delighted that I can learn a lot through diversified experience. Observing and experiencing, getting along with people sincerely and doing things whole-heartedly – these are what I have been pursuing. At present, CUPSA becomes my “home” in the university, and Pommerenke Student Centre305 has also become our base. I hope that we will devote our passion and motivation to CUPSA together.

Lily Wei   Proposed Management Committee for CUPSA Affiliated Clubs and Societies General Executive


WEI, Fang, the master of Biochemical and Biomedical Science in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, graduated from Sun Yat-sen University in this summer. She is an outgoing and stable girl with the hobby of pet and travelling. She was ex-project executive of Enactus and had the golden award of the Chinese College Student Entrepreneurial Competition. During the working period in CUPSA, she coordinated the TCL career talk as well as one of the planner of High Table Dinner, and she also leaded the Career Sharing Talk of Alumina. Now she is the representative of CUPSA in library.

Sam Lai   Proposed IT General Executive


Hello! I am Sam Lai, an engineering student from the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management. I love exploring new computer technologies. Learning new technologies makes me happy. I love jogging, too. I spend half an hour to run slowly in Morse Park near my home during weekend.

I am running for General Executive of Information Technology Department. My major is related to computer science, so I believe I could practice and apply what I have learnt to serve postgraduate students and CUPSA, and at the same time benefit myself hopefully. During the two-month probation period, I had a basic understanding towards the daily operation of CUPSA. I saw some potential improvements that could be achieved. I hope that postgraduate students could trust our team and offer us the right to make the improvements.

Let's strive for a better CUPSA.


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