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Briefing of Financial Industry in Hong Kong

Adequate understanding of financial industry is becoming more and more important for modern people,especially you who are busy hunting jobs. Multiple branches of financial industry in Hong Kong mainly coverfinancial planning, employees' benefit, insurance, investment. Do you want to learn more about this seemingly mysterious industry? Do you want to share our guests' experiences and discuss with them face to face? Don't miss this!

Date: 16th April (Saturday) 2011

Duration: 2:00pm to 4:30pm

Venue: L2, Science Center of CUHK (饭煲)(MAP)

Quota: 60


Mr George Lung M.H., J.P.
---- Senior Regional Director of Manulife (International) Limited, Members of National Committee of CCPPC(全国政协委员)
Mr Wilson Kwok, CFP, CPA
---- Chairman of CEPA Business Opportunity Development Alliance(商机联合会)
Mr. Louie Mak, CFP
---- Professional Development Manager of Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong
Person In Charge: Andrew Mo
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