The Note of Student Forum on 334


Time: 6:00 p.m. Feb 1 (Friday), 2013

Venue: Science Centre Piazza

Attendants: Members of the University management

          Student Representatives from Colleges/Societies/Institutions

          University students and staffs

Master of Script: Prof. Dennis NG, the University Dean of Students



To review the new measures and to collect students’ views and suggestions on any issue the students concerned about including curriculum, class/examination schedule, facilities, accommodation, canteen and transportation, etc.



* Accommodation situation and issues were illustrated by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. CHING Pak-chung.

* Traffic problems were introduced and explained by the Assistant Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. FUNG Tung.

* Canteen situations were described by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Michael HUI.

* Library & Facility issues were instructed by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. HAU Kit-tai.

* General affairs and questions were illustrated by the Provost, Prof. Benjamin W. WAH.


Some messages for Postgraduates:

* On the issue of shuttle bus schedule and route (especially Route 2、3、H、N),Transport Unit will continue to make more improvement, as well as the service from shuttle drivers.

* No response on the shuttle of Prince of Wales Hospital. CUPSA has reported this issue and would follow up.

* Vegetarian or Muslim canteen is still in planning and tender for it is welcome.

* The canteen of Lee Woo Sing College would be completed in the next semester, which is expected to make Shanghai Dish as their staple.

* The issues about the library opening hours will be forwarded to the University Library.

* The overcrowding problem of Chung Chi Tang canteen would be improved in the future.

* The price and service issues of the University Bookstore will be negotiated.

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