The Minutes of meeting with Independent Learning Center (ILC) of CUHK


Time: 2:00 p.m. Jan 29 (Tuesday), 2013

Venue: United College Library

Attendants: ILC officers

          Mr. Bing XU (the President of CUPSA Executive Committee 2013)

          Ms. Candy MO (the Treasurer of CUPSA Executive Committee 2013)




1. March & April 2013 – The ILC’s Chinese Team will offer multiple one-off workshops on Interview/Oral Skills Development in Cantonese for Mainland Students. Most of the sessions will be offered during the morning sessions (i.e. 10:30am – 12:30pm) and a few will be offered during the afternoon session (i.e. 2:30pm – 4:30pm) for the students who are not free in the mornings.


2. A series of 4 workshops (similar to those currently offered by the ILC’s English Team for the BusinessSchool) may be offered for mainland students in Cantonese later on with development time of about 4 - 6 months for teaching material research and development. This series may be offered in the late summer or fall semester, 2013 if there is a need.


3. In terms of a longer more intensive Cantonese course for mainland students, the ILC suggested that the Student Organizations’ (perhaps with OSA’s help) should approach the Chinese Language Centre (CLC) as they are course providers of Cantonese intensive classes at CUHK.


4. Promotional channels should be accessed via the Student Organizations directly. The ILC will send the relevant information about upcoming workshops, announcements & reminders via the Student Representatives and their direct channels of communication with the mainland and non-local students. The ILC general office will arrange this with our Chinese Team.


5. The ILC will send brief descriptions directly to the Student Organizations which will describe the online tools available for mainland students to learn Cantonese independently. Felix and Mei Ah will coordinate this.


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