The Report of Meeting with University Health Service Committee (UHSC)


Time: 2:30 p.m. Dec 14 (Friday), 2012

Venue: Conference Room, 1st Floor, University Health Centre

Attendants: Professor Michael K.M. Hui (Chairman)

          Mr. James WU (the General Vice-President of CUPSA EXCO 2013)

          Other 13 representatives came from student societies (different colleges) and staff societies

          (academic staff, technical staff and so on)




  1. UHSC confirmed the minutes of the 88th meeting
  2. UHSC received a report from the director of UHS
  • Monthly statistical returns on medical and dental service for the period September to October 2012
  • The major health promotion and health maintenance activities conducted for the period October to December 2012
  • The number of patient visits at UHS in Sep and Oct 2012
  • Annual Report of the UHS for the 2010-2011 year
  • Some highlights from the Director of UHS and the Assistant Director of UHS
  1. Review on Dental and Prosthodontics Charge
  2. Received a report from student representative on the views and feedback of the UHS service
  3. Noted the tentative meeting schedule for the year 2013



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