Time: 2:30 p.m. Feb 21 (Thursday), 2013

Venue: University Library

Attendants: Ms. Gwendolin (Assistant Librarian of University Library System)

          Mr. Alvin YANG (Internal Vice-President of CUPSA EXCO 2013)

          Mr. Germen HON (Public Relationship Executive of CUPSA EXCO 2013)

          Ms. Sylvia C.K. (Public Relationship Executive of CUPSA EXCO 2013)

          Mr. Qian XIONG (Program Executive of CUPSA Career Committee 2013)



1. For the Research Commons

* CUPSA would like to find out about organizing some activities for research postgraduates in the Library.  In general, activities in Research Commons are research support related. Suggestions on partnership in organizing activities are welcome, and will be further discussed. Activities with a lot of noise may not be suitable to be held in the Research Commons.

* For promotion of Research Commons and other information of Library to postgraduates, CUPSA could help.

* The signs problem about the locations & introduction was noted. More signs are being added.

* Suggestion for Doctoral Study Rooms would be communicated to the Library.


2. For the Learning Garden

* The weak mobile signals in LearningGarden had been noted by the Library. Improvement has been planned.

* Suggestion on providing more soft-seat bags in the LearningGarden will be communicated to the Library. Feedback on noise will be communicated to the LearningGarden.


3. For the Facilities of Library

* Suggestion on adding more seats to HK Literature reading room. More shelves had been planned for it.

* Suggestion on providing more water dispensers with hot water will be communicated to the Library.

* The suggestion on more chairs with changeable height which are in demand will be communicated to the Library.

* Tender for the Library Cafe is being invited.


4. For the Finding Materials in the Library

* Questions on finding the location of materials in were raised and solved (Ms. Gwendolin did a demonstration after the meeting).

* A large amount of book in Simplified Chinese has been provided by the Library via E-Resource. They can be found using the Easy Search and Library Catalogue.


5. Other Suggestions

* Suggestion on extending the opening hour on Sunday was raised. The LearningGarden situated on the lower ground floor (LG/F) of the University Library has opened 24 hours a day. Students could make full use of it.

* Suggestion on more study areas of CC Library that in order to accommodate more students was raised.  Learning Commons on 6/F of Wu Ho Man Yuen Building nearby the train station opens 24 hours daily and has provided more study area. It is jointly managed by the Information Technology Services Centre and University Library System.

* Suggestion on unifying the login passwords in the Library will be communicated to the Library.

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