Golden phoenix - CUHK 50th Anniversary Postgraduates Essay Contest



The ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong Golden Jubilee



Cultural and custom of CUHK



All CUHK postgraduates (including full-time and part-time)



1st prize: Amazon Kindle 3 (one awardee)

2nd prize: Polaroid camera (two awardees)

3rd prize: mini-stereo (three awardees)

Honorable prize (5 awardees): CUHK USB flash disk

Actively participated prize: CUHK souvenir (all participators)



Deadline for submission: 23:59, April 1st, 2013

Display and voting: April 3rd, 2013 - April 12th, 2013

Announcement of the result: late April, 2013



*  The essay should never join other competition, be vended or circulated via internet before

*  The essay should be the original product of the contestants, no tort and has not been published or wined. Before the announcement of final result, cannot join other competition.

*  Submission of multiple products is allowed. But the submitted essay cannot be future modified. Once submitted, the essay was automatically considered as joining the competition.

*  The organizer reserves the right of display and/or promote the essay on media (such as official web and other activity platform) without paying royalty to the contestants

*  The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of this competition


Submission method

Please send your essay (in .pdf format) to (entitled ‘Essay competition’) and include the following information clearly (refer to the application table attached):

Name/student ID/Major/Department/Faculty/School/Email.

Participator can write a brief introduction on the essay submitted (please write in the application table if any)


Online evaluation

Organizer will create an online assessment platform which displays all assays for voting. A committee composed by experts will reevaluate after voting. Final results will be posted on CUPSA’s official web and informed to the contestants  by phone or email.


Notification of Award Collection

The winners should collect the award within the period specified by the organizer. The award will be void after 7 days of the notification.



The copyright of all winning essay were reserved to the organizer. The organizer will assemble the essays and publish them in e-format.



* Contestants should have the copyright of essay(s) and is responsible to get the approval of the person who was involved in the essay(s). There is no responsibility for organizer on any statements or complains on the right of use or damage of reputation of a third party.

* Organizer reserves the right of disqualify any essay which violate intellectual property

* Contestants should own all rights of the final essay(s), including retouch. Once submitted, the essay(s) will never return to the participator

* All essay should be submitted via internet and the organizer will not response for any enquiry on the essay

* All material (essay and participator’s information) will be stored in the official server of organizer

* Upon competition, it is deemed that you have accepted and agreed to the competition rules. For the unmentioned stuff in competition rules, organizer reserves the right of final decision. Contestants could withdrawal if he/she does not agree with organizer’s decision. Contestants who withdrawal the competition will undertake all relative cost.

* For uncontrollable situation (include but not limited to computer virus or unauthorized access of official server) which interrupted the competition , organizer can pause or postpone to receive all essay


Rights of organizer

* Organizer will displace the essay and their author online or other place.

* Organizer will displaced the award-winning essay on its web and other place

* Once mutually agree, organizer will reserve the non-exclusive right to publish, copy, promulgate, exhibit, print, distribute and project the winning works without extra compensation.

* Organizer reserve the rights of disqualify any essay (without noting the author) based on organizer’s assessment. If an essay was disqualified after distribution of awards, the competitor should return the award.

* Organizer reserve the rights of cite all essay (whatever wined or not) for academic propose.



2013 The Chinese University of Hong Kong 50th Anniversary Postgraduates Essay Contest-Application Form


Chinese Name (if   applicable)



English Name (if   applicable)



Student ID





院系 Department/Faculty/School






Brief introduction of the essay (if any)


上述資料如有不確 / 缺漏,將被取消參賽資格。未有獲獎者之個人資料將於評審程式完成後全部銷毀。

The eligibility will be cancelled if the above information is not real or complete. The information of the contestants who have not won the prize will be destructed after judgement.




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