To be a Full Member of CUPSA (paid members, activity discount), Basic Members (free members) and Honorary Members, what can you get from CUPSA?


ŸTo help you solve problems, whether you are freshmen or just graduated from the university

ŸTo help you protect your rights; guarantee your interests; supervise the school to fulfill their obligations

ŸTo provide you with practice opportunities, professional mentoring and business network chances; to help you expand career horizon

ŸTo enrich your campus life; to help you know more friends and develop your talent and interest; to provide you with entertainment and social communication events

ŸTo provide you with volunteer opportunities, to help you participate in social work and contribute to society

ŸTo provide you with external exchanges and joint-U activities



To be an Executive Committee Member (run time officer), Sub-Committee Member (officer candidate), major representatives, what can you get from CUPSA?


You can be free to offer your original opinions in the democratic atmosphere

ŸYou can easily fit into the team with our flat teamwork, bureaucracy rejection and equality among every member

ŸYou can show your full talent and realize your blue prints under the simple PIC regime

ŸYou can accelerate the improvement of your ability in an elite team with great passion according to the clear teamwork distribution

ŸYou can stand for the benefits of your major and focus on serving the students of your major in the general

ŸYou can promote your ability all around when you serve for the postgraduate student community


We believe you can be the best in CUHK!